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Dezmembrez Ford Transit 2005 2.0 TDDI

Ford Transit 85 T300 Dezmembrez a production 2005 2.0 TDDI 63kw (85cp) F3FA tip motor, gearbox 5 + 1 Stairs, power steering, airbag, 3 seats, manual windows and mirrors, 195/70 R15 wheels, OEM CD Radio 6000 CD.

Available pieces: ELEMENTS body (front wing, engine hood, trunk lid, tailgate, bumper bar front and rear doors, pulling, reinforcement bar, strut, pillars, skirts, shields mud optical element (far beacon, stop, glass door, rear window, windshield, mirror, ELEMENTS / ANEXEMOTOR (turbocharger, alternator, electric climate compressor, pump power steering, injector pump injection pump high-pressure pump gasoline solenoid gallery inlet / outlet, truancy, motor block, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, oil pan, oil pump, motor support; ELEMENTEDIRECTIE / suspension / TRAIN PLAY (coil spring telescope Box direction, pump servo electric arm Wheel, Bumper stabilization Fuzeta, port Fuzeta motor pitcher, rear axle, bascule, ELEMENTS cool the engine / cabin (water heater, climate radiator, intercooler radiator, termoflot, electric fan water, oil cooler, electric fan AC / climate, bore needle, electric fan interior; ELEMENTS SAFETY (driver airbag, passenger airbag, side air bag, computer bag, safety belt, tensioners, dashboard, airbag lid; Passenger, transmitted by (cutieviteze, plate clutch, clutch disc, flywheel, pressure bearing, shaft; ELEMENTS brake (brake caliper disc brake, brake servo pump, vacuum pump, electrical items (computer driven, engine installation, assembly wiper windshield / rear window, control panel AC / climate, Cranes glass frog USA, watch the board, starting contact, air flow meter;

Livrare din Constantajud. Constanta prin:
  • Predare personală
  • Curier, cost livrare: 25 RON
Timp necesar pentru procesarea comenzii: 1 zi.
Metode de plată: Ramburs, La livrare, Transfer Bancar
Condiţii generale de livrare: 
25 ron pt primul kg, 1ron/ kg suplimentar, 1ron/km suplimentar ( in cazul in care curierul solicita km suplimentari )
Telefon:  0723.364.267


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